I'm interested in smart cities, what makes great design and how you become better at being you.
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Kirsten Dunst on Selfies

"The Journey". A beautiful film that explains pretty good why this month I will run the third marathon of my life, this time in Frankfurt.


"A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars, it’s where the rich ride public transportation." —Enrique Peñalosa, former Mayor of Bogota, Columbia,1998–2001

It’s certainly a bit more complicated, but makes a point.

-Last year I was in Bogota and blown away by seeing what effect great Infrastructure can have on peoples’ life and how people feel about their city.

The #TransMilenio in Bogota is a good example, but if you look at the #MetroBus in Buenos Aires you see, that it is not just about the idea, but really about a good execution with attention to detail.

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"The Human Scale" - Definitely a movie, if you want to get someone interested in urbanism.

Watch the whole movie:

The reverie of wandering, on foot or on wheels, can’t be calculated by an algorithm or prescribed by an app.

This is how you could get me to wear a “fitness tracker” or however they call these things nowadays.


Ground From Above - Terrão de Cima by Renato Stockler

"A ‘terrão’ (earthen field) is an oasis in the urban landscape. The reddish tone of a soccer field turns into a stage for resistance of popular soccer. These fields are increasingly rare to be seen because of property speculation and land occupation, and they standing as a spirit of resilience." - Renato Stockler

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Another one on the power of soccer.

Everywhere I have been in the world I have found beautiful soccer fields and people that come together to play.

The beauty of soccer. It simply does not matter where you are.

Other than music there is no medium I can think of that is capable of connecting people from all classes, backgrounds and cultures on so many levels, so quickly.

Can you think of something else?


So beautiful. The world watching the final.


Sansibar, thanks and see you next time.