I'm interested in smart cities, what makes great design and how you become better at being you.
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The beauty of soccer. It simply does not matter where you are.

Other than music there is no medium I can think of that is capable of connecting people from all classes, backgrounds and cultures on so many levels, so quickly.

Can you think of something else?


So beautiful. The world watching the final.


Sansibar, thanks and see you next time.

I also recommend the book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami

(HE)ART of the city. #Freiburg halt.


Been following @berglondon for over five years now and they fail to amaze me. Never thought I could love a washing machine that much.

A casual game of soccer in the middle of the center. #publicspaces for the people and they will use it!

Big German Liedermacher: Konstantin Wecker - Weil ich dich liebe